An infographic is a visual representation designed to distill and clarify complex data. Because half of the brain's functioning is dedicated to visual processing, infographics help people focus on, understand, and retain information they might otherwise have difficulty noticing, much less comprehending. They also add charm and human context, which further increases their impact.

Infographics are incredibly versatile. Effective on their own or in concert with other written material, they can work in print, on the Web, or on mobile platforms and can even be animated or made to be interactive. Infographics are also reliable; they have a long shelf life and will stay relevant as long as your service/concept/product does.

Last but not least, infographics have the potential to go viral in a way that text rarely does. In a world where people are too busy to read, infographics excel at capturing attention.



An icon is a distilled object or concept. Small and compact, icons are hugely powerful in their ability to quickly and clearly communicate an idea. They are attention grabbing, thought provoking, and transcend language barriers. Tablet can create matching sets of icons that work with your brand or product.



"Our agency provides more than a dozen programs to support at-risk and homeless teens; it can be difficult to convey. Since working with Tablet to illustrate our impact, I've used the piece in meetings that have produced a number of 'aha!' moments, and even major gifts to our shelter campaign. Our staff enjoyed this format so much that we plan to use it for our internal reports moving forward!"

- Cedric Johnson, Director of Development and Communications, Briarpatch Youth Services Inc.